Frequently Asked Questions

Only you know for sure. On average you can add 5-8 of these personal loan/credit lines and get a score increase from each.

Sometimes there will be a hard inquiry on your credit. Most of the time there won’t be an inquiry at all. Look for those offers. If they fit your needs, enroll!

Credit profiles are as unique as your finger print. We cannot predict the exact score increase you will get. Not are we allowed to predict and promise under credit laws. We have seen people get as little as 10 points and as many as 90, with more growth each month as the bill is paid and utilization is kept down. 

Each personal loan/credit line has a different cost. Some are FREE! Others have nominal fees just like a normal credit card will have.

Remember you are in a challenging credit situation. You must take this into account. The lender is assuming a lot of risk when they extend you credit

Some can post in a few days depending on when you are approved in relation to the vendors reporting cycle. We have several offers that are guaranteed to report on either the 1st or the 15th.